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Xaurum is a leading and innovative company that provides solutions for registration, accreditation and learning management services (LMS).

Our mission is to improve the quality of the training processes in such a way that everyone can increase their skills.

Xaurum attaches great importance to quality and flexibility.

Xaurum Netherlands is ISO 27001 certified.

Our products

Your solution delivered as ready-made, modular products.


Automate your accreditation and (re)registration.

The flexible and modular total solution that removes the administrative burden associated with registering and maintaining quality standards.

Course Control

Manage complex learning processes efficiently with the Course Control LMS software.

E-learning Manager

With E-learning Manager you will master the digital learning process on a pedagogical and technical level.

Test Maker

Test Maker is an online tool that helps teachers create online tests, quizzes, assessments and exams.

Quality Sensor

Quality Sensor provides personalized evaluation forms.

Our customers

A selection from our diverse customer base.

Work with us

Just like our software, our employees also have a high degree of flexibility.

In addition to quality and flexibility, Xaurum attaches great importance to health. This means that our employees are given every opportunity to schedule a walk or other sporting activity during working hours. Our team of developers and project managers is always looking for new employees.

Are you looking for a partner for your organisational learning processes?

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